January 14, 2017 marks the global launch of BODYPUMP 100. That’s 25 Years of BODYPUMP. That’s nine years and four months since I attended my Les Mills BODYPUMP initial training module to become an instructor and nine years and six days since I got my first permanent BODYPUMP class.

As we get closer to this “100” celebration, I’m flooded with memories and feelings of happiness and pride and also nostalgia. Looking back I’m overwhelmed by the immense impact, positive impact, that BODYPUMP has had on my life, on me.

To celebrate BODYPUMP 100, I’ve decided to take a walk down memory lane and share my journey through stories, photos and videos. You are welcome to join me as I blast through the past in this blog and of course in my BODYPUMP classes.  I’ll be making playlists with tracks from BODYPUMP 55-99! I’m taking track requests (already have a few) and will pick some of my all-time faves too. My first playlist is ready to start next week!

I’ll leave you with a brief history of BODYPUMP