From Freshmeat to Badass
(as I like to call it, even though I’m still nowhere close to being a badass on quad skates)


I got an email a couple of days ago with my result. I’m still in shock; the good kind! I really did think I was skilled enough to advance. Earlier that day I was looking at the assessment form trying guesstimating my scores and the results I came up with were rather poor. Apparently I misjudged some of my abilities. I’m really pleased I passed and I know I still have lots to improve and loads more to learn. I also received specific feedback from my assessors which was great. It’s nice to know I’m able to do well enough to advance but it’s even better to be reminded of things to keep working on and things to keeping rocking at.  If you missed my last post recapping weeks 8-10 including the assessment, you can find it here or in the archives (on the right) with all my previous posts.

So now what? I can join the league and I can even get and register a Derby name and number (I can just use my name too). I’ve got a couple of ideas. How about you? Got any suggestions for me? Comment below. Want your own name? Try this for fun: What’s your roller derby name?

To all my fellow freshies & crusties:  it’s been a fun few weeks together. We’ve all come a long way and I hope to still many of you in eh coming weeks, either Sundays or Fridays.
To all the Rollerbillies who trained us and helped us of the past 10 weeks: thank you!

I want to give an extra big thanks to Lara for encouraging me to join, lending me skates and basically being my RD big sis throughout my ups and downs.
Fresh & Seasoned meats

See you all soon with more derby stories and fun!