The key to eating healthy is to have snack-ready and meal-ready foods on hand. Pick a day, like Sunday, buy and preprare healthy snacks and meal-ready foods for the week. You can pack them in portions in advance or bag a portion every evening for the following workday.

With healthy snacks on hand, you are less likely to head to a vending machine or the office kitchen where colleagues pawn off their chocolates or baked goods on you.

With healthy foods ready for breakfast, lunch, even dinner, you save time and reduce hassle and headaches.

  • No more time wasted on “What should I eat? What can I make?  The fridge is empty; I need groceries.”
  • No turning to fast-food, ready-meals, or impulse junk food.
  • No overeating because you ended up skipping a meal or snack or took so long to get one that you went from hungry to starving, or even hangry.

This picture represents my typical weekly snack prep. It takes me less than an hour and makes the rest of my week super easy. I’ll supplement this with fresh dinners, always cooking an extra portion of dinner or sides vegetables to have as a lunch or to add to my pre-cooked meat for my next meal.

  • Carrots, peeled, cut and washed. Celery cut and washed. Baby plum tomatoes washed for my vegetable snacks.
  • Hard boiled eggs. Good for breakfast, lunch, or snack.
  • Chicken thighs: half with fine herbs, half with a Cajun spice. Grilled and ready as part of either breakfast or lunches, even for a snack.
  • Lettuce, washed and ready to make a salad.
  • Pre-trimmed Brussel sprouts, I just need to pierce a couple of holes in the bag and microwave for approximately 2 minutes.
Photo: KJMfitness