Jam Club


I just wanted to take a moment to once again say THANK YOU to all the ladies who joined us for Jam Club last Wednesday night. Oh what a night it turned out to be. I expected a certain level of EPIC and HOTNESS! We got more: The energy was through the roof and the hotness was two-fold one in awesomeness and one in actual temperature and these jammers braved through the heat and sweat for just over two hours. Although we did start to fade physically from the heat, the love of jam held strong right up until the end.


Collectively they donated £100 for the Cancer Research UK and The Race for Life. In return they got stuck with Lindsay and I, no microphone and no air conditioning in a small space for 2 hours and they danced the night away.  Disco, hip hop (old & new school), funk, house, tango and so more. Plus, they followed all the Rules of Jam Club!

Lindsay and I had a fantastic time and we are grateful for our amazing members who came to support us in this event and who support us in our BODYJAM classes.

Nuffield Jammers, without you, there would be no Jam Club. Thank you for being a part of our Club and making our job so much fun!

We certainly hope to do it again and hope you will join us for more Jam Club! Maybe when the weather cools down a bit 🙂