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That’s right, all the same train smart and eat smart rules from last year are still in effect. Here’s a little refresher to jog your memory.

Technique gets you results fast and keep you safe from injury. Always work within the capacity to maintain great form and technique.

Your core -hips, abs, back- supports you. Keep it strong, all around and top to bottom, for improved posture, balance and stability. A strong core makes movement easier in daily activity and improves athletic performance over all.

Be consistent. Make every single effort count 100%. Stay focused. Be present in your workout and pay attention to form, to how you feel and where you feel it, to your speed, to your abdominal brace and even to your environment and surroundings.

Calories in and calories out will help you lose or gain weight.

Make water your #1 drink choice and sports drink choice.

Find balance between hard work and rest. Eat a well rounded diet. Create balance between your exercise and your diet.

Own it
It’s your body, it’s your workout, it’s your diet, it’s your health and only you can take care of it and manage it.

Everything takes time. Building strength, losing weight, improving flexibility, learning a new activity all take time, lots of time. No time, no results.