New Year Same You

Let’s be honest, the new year doesn’t change you, resolutions won’t change you and real change will not happen overnight or over a week or even a month. Change is possible and comes from hard work and dedication, courage and acceptance, and patience and happens one day at a time.

You have to earn it on your own, you can get support but you’ll still have to do the work. Imagine going to a fitness class and just watching the class – no matter how hard the instructor works and how much they motivate and encourage you, it won’t do anything for you unless you participate.

You have to want to change and want it for you; to truly want this change more than the thing(s) that get in your way. Ask yourself what you want and why?  Why now? What’s stopped you before and are you prepared to face those obstacles again and work past them? Be honest with yourself.

You need to plan the journey to your destination. Understand your journey will be long and will have ups, downs, detours, U-turns and wrong turns. Ask yourself what you need to do, how you will get to your destination. Map it out small easy step by small and easy step; only one at a time. Know and accept that times will come when you will go the wrong way; it happens but you can manage it.  Adjust your route and re-map some steps if needed just stay focused on your final destination and results at all times.

Keep everything super simple and super easy, as in “piece of cake” easy, no pun intended. Every step you set – ask yourself Can I really do this and maintain it in the long run? If you immediately say “Hell yeah!” then great! If, however, you hesitate for even a second, some doubt or other question crosses your mind, then simplify it even more until you get that “Hell yeah!” answer.  The easier it is for you to follow, the more likely you’ll stick to it and progress to the next step.

Stick to and succeed at one step for three weeks before moving on to or adding the next step on your route.  Stay focused on your destination and you will reach it.  When you get there, it’ll still be you, the same you – improved.