My new eating plan and schedule have been pretty great so far.  By eating several small meals a day, I’m rarely ever hungry which means I’m less likely to snack or overeat. My energy feels more level throughout the day and is definitely better when I’m teaching.  

As long as I can follow my schedule it all works well. But, not make excuses, some days it’s hard because life just happens.  For example if I add a class to my day, it might conflict with a meal time. Then what? Do I push everything back, do I need more?  Last week mom and dad came to visit, our outings sometimes overlapped with one or more of my many meal times. Even if I pack a meal to eat out, I can’t necessarily sit and eat just anywhere, like at a museum for example. I also can’t keep asking people to wait for while I eat every three hours. There’s only so much I can plan around my eating schedule without it interfering with my family’s fun and needs. last week I also took a 3-day mini-break. I wasn’t sure if I should change my meal plan. I exercised less and wasn’t sure how to adapt my eating plan, if needed.

These types of blips in my routine aren’t frequent, especially taking days off.  I do, however, often take on more classes and I do need to learn how to adapt and prepare for these types of changes and events. The last thing I want is to sabotage all my efforts in just a couple of days.  That’s what I need to know and understand in order to make smart decisions and choices. I plan on getting more tips around this on my next sessions with Corey from Corey’s Lean Living.  I’ll keep you posted on what I learn and want works for me.