Today I’m trying something new and way out of my comfort zone: Roller Derby Fresh Meat with the Cambridge Rollerbillies.
I registered to try out roller derby. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be learning to skate and fall safely and I’ll be learning the rules of the game too.

The last time I wore roller skates I was about seven years old. That’s me (all-white, raibows and pig-tails) and my big cousins on my birthday.

Roller skating at Caesars Palace, Pointe-Claire, Qc

My skates were by birthday present and I used them until I outgrew them and that was the end of roller skating for me. The local roller rink closed down not long after – I don’t remember exactly why but I recall there being talk about safety and accidents.

So here I go again, much older, no longer fearless but also very excited! I’m wondering if it’s anything like riding a bike – you just remember how to do it. I guess I’ll find out this afternoon.

Why join?  Why not? I used to enjoy team sports growing up and even played a little dodgeball as as an adult.  I’d like to do something new and completely different from my work activities.  Working in fitness, the lines between work and social are blurred and as much as I love my job, my colleagues and class participants; it’s very hard to separate work and play. For most gym members, the gym is their playground where they unwind.  For me and other insturctors, it’s our workplace and whether we are in to work or for our own personal workout time, to our members we always have our “instructor hat on”.   So this is an opportunity for me to be 100% outside work and unwind and have fun all the while being physically and mentally, being part of a team and meet new people along the way. I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey will take me.

If you have any fresh meat or roller derby experience, share your tips and advice below.