Last week we looked at tweaking your timetable to better suit your schedule around the holidays to successfully juggle parties and fitness.  Now we can look at ways to enjoy the festivities and fun fully without feeling we have to miss out on the fun or feel guilty about indulging in some good food and treats.

Allow yourself this holiday from your strict diet or usual routine. Indulge in some of the foods and drinks that make you happy and know that it’s ok to do so. This doesn’t mean you should eat like there’s no tomorrow or like your stomach is a bottomless pit.  Keep some balance but allow the scale to tip in favour of flavour a little more than usual.

  • Like you may plan workouts, you can plan cheat days or cheat meals over the next couple of weeks. Just stick to your plan. Make arrangements in advance so you are prepared and have healthy snacks prepared for your non cheat days.
  • Enjoy good food and treats. Take the time to taste what you eat. It slowly, chew your food and savour the flavours. You’ll feel even more satisfied this way. If you’re going to eat, enjoy it!
  • Choose quality treats and cheats. If you’re going to have something you’d normally avoid, pick something that’s worth it.
  • As for drinks, always be responsible. Enjoy some mulled wine or bubbly and pace yourself by chasing one alcoholic drink or sugary drink with a glass of water.
  • If you worry about over eating at parties, especially those with buffets and self-serve tables, have a good meal before the party to avoid going there hungry. Use a plate for nibbles and walk away from the table. Mingle and move around avoiding to stand by the food table.

Finally, if you overindulge a few times in a couple of weeks. Is it really that bad? No; so don’t beat yourself up for it! Go enjoy your holidays, savour great food and surround yourself with great company.

Have fun and be merry!