Chin up


We learned a lot last week – I mean loads of new skills (see below for details). The more we learn the more I realise how much I need to practise to not only improve as a skater but also to build my confidence.  This week’s life lessons I picked up were: chin up and chin up. Yes, two of them.20160525_222100

One chin up was literal, as in eyes up, look forward and not at your feet. You would think I’d know this already – I say “eyes up” or “eyes forward” all the time in my fitness classes. Yet I found myself so focused on the obstacles in front of me that I wasn’t looking where I was going and therefor would nearly come to a stop. The thing about skating, is that it’s much easier to do when you are actually rolling; you need some speed to keep moving. Once my chin came up and I looked forward, I moved so much better and zig-zagging around cones was easier. It’s amazing how much difference a tiny change can make.

My second chin up was figurative. I didn’t feel very confident this week for most of the lesson (though my confidence did improved when my chin was up). We started with stops we learned last week and it took several “slows” until I was able to come to complete stops. I felt like I was learning how to stop all over again. Add to that more new  skills  that we only practise enough to get a feel for, added more quickly than I felt ready for. That’s when the little voice of doubt popped-in my head. You know the one I’m talking about, right? It questions your abilities and skills and tries to send you to quitsville. So I told myself – in the spirit of the chin up tip –  I would keep my chin up and tell myself “You can do this! Just keep showing up and keep practising.”

How will I practise more? Watch out people of Cambridge, I’m taking my skates to the streets! With my new outdoor wheels and bearings (see photo), I’m now ready for the busway and I might even have a go on my street. Conveniently, I live on an oval-shaped crescent which very much resembles a derby track. The downside will be the quality of the r-r-r-r-oad-d.

If you see some guys and gals skating on the busway, give them a little support with a cheer, week or thumbs up. They are likely fresh meat trying to improve their skating skills.

If you’re interested in the new skills we learned in week three, here’s they are:

  • Static walking (forward, backward, sideways and doing the grapevine (yes as in Jane Fonda and 1980s aerobics): That’s walking without rolling. So just like you walk with shoes.
  • Weaving: these are little zig-zags while moving in a straight line.
  • Lateral cutting: this is weaving’s big sister. Same principle only you zig-zag across the derby track. It’s like giant slalom.

Thanks again to Rii and the Cambridge Rollerbillies for keeping me on my toes with my head held high!